Hillary Clinton To Support New York 2012 In Singapore

Former U.S. first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is travelling to Singapore as part of New York’s delegation to support New York’s bid for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he was honoured that Senator Clinton will be joining the delegation in Singapore and said Senator Clinton will bring tremendous strength to the New York 2012 bid and help lead the delegation.

“The Olympics have long held a special place in my heart, and I have seen the power of the Games first hand. The spirit of international camaraderie and partnership exemplified by the Olympics thrives every day in New York City, and I am proud to do all I can to help bring the 2012 Games to the greatest city in the world” said the Senator.

Senator Clinton will participate in New York’s 45-minute presentation to the IOC on July 6 in Singapore.

New York’s deputy mayor and founder of NYC2012 said, “She has always been a passionate believer of the Olympic movement and sees in the Olympic movement a reflection of New York”.

Doctoroff said he senses New York is in a good position. “I think this is going to be extremely close. I will be surprised if it doesn’t’ go four rounds. From everything we can tell, it’s going to be very unpredictable. We’re very optimistic.

Meanwhile a massive security operation is now in place as Singapore braces for an influx of world leaders, statesmen and celebrities ahead of Wednesday’s vote.

Roads were sealed off, helicopters hovered overhead and hundreds of armed guards and policemen were deployed around the Raffles hotel and nearby Raffles City Convention Center where the IOC vote will take place Wednesday.