Nanjing 2014 Youth Games On Track

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission concluded its fourth visit to Nanjing and said Nanjing is well on track to deliver successful Games next summer.

The commission, chaired by Alexander Popov, congratulated NYOGOC on its continued dedication and commitment, and was pleased to see the level of detailed preparation presented.

The commission also welcomed Nanjing’s proposals to use the upcoming Asian Youth Games to test a number of functional areas and validate key milestones, including the Event Schedule and the Operation Plans – first versions of which have been completed on time.

Other milestones have been met since the commissions visit last September, including the submission and approval of the final Venue Master Plan, and the successful launch of both the official YOG mascot and a new improved website.

The Coordination Commission encouraged Nanjing 2014 to build on the steps it has already taken in working together across the different functional areas to ensure a joined-up approach to hosting the Games, including a committed effort to the final detailing and delivery of a successful Culture and Education Programme that will engage, educate and inspire the young athletes off the field of play.

The commission also recommended that, as a top priority, Nanjing should now share with all stakeholders, including NOCs, IFs, the public and the media, that it will be ready to host memorable Games next year.

Following the three-day meeting Popov said, “NYOGOC’s vision for the second Summer Youth Games is now really taking shape, and the Coordination Commission congratulates it on its progress. As we start climbing the hill toward the final countdown, the coming months will be crucial for YOG preparation, and will present NYOGOC with key opportunities to let the youth of the world know that the YOG spirit is coming to Nanjing and that all are welcome”.

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