Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Security Reviewed

A four-day review by the Commonwealth Game Federation’s (CGF) Coordination Commission for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games showed that the security fiasco that surrounded the London 2012 Games risks inflating the cost of Glasgow’s 2014 Games.

The Herald reports the federation said a full security budget would be drawn up within the next six months, with any demands for additional measures from governments over and above what the organizers feel necessary being met by those Commonwealth nations.

Bruce Robertson, CGF’s vice president, said the security firm G4S’s failure to provide and vet sufficient numbers of steward for the Olympics, and the subsequent need to deploy the military at the last minute, will all be taken on board.

He said, “the 524 million pound budget should be adequate for the Organising Committee. That said, we said in April the budget around security would be a re-evaluation of that assessment post-London. That’s underway at the moment and will be completed by December.

“Security costs considered necessary by any governments will be absorbed by those governments”.

The Herald reports the CGF said Glasgow 2014 was providing the blueprint for future Games, particularly around the issue of legacy.

The review of Glasgow 2014 included visits to the athletes’ village and venues such as the newly-completed Emirates Arena.