Rotterdam and Guadalajara Eliminated from 2018 Youth Olympic Games Bid

Lausanne, Switzerland – Rotterdam in Netherlands and Guadalajara in Mexico have missed the shortlist in their bids to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced at its Executive Board Meeting in Lausanne Wednesday. That leaves Medellin in Colombia, Glasgow in Scotland and Buenos Aires in Argentina as the remaining contenders in the race that will be decided at an election of IOC members on July 4.

The decision was made after a report delivered by working group chair Claudia Bokel was reviewed by the Executive Board. The report described Guadalajara’s bid posing “some risks” to the IOC due to high inflation and minimal financial guarantees; Rotterdam is seen to expose the IOC to “many risks” due to an “underscoped” budget that lacks detail, and uncertain government support. The remaining three bids were seen to “present minimal risk”.

“We look for a vision that corresponds with our vision of the Youth Olympic Games,” IOC President Jacques Rogge said after the decision was made.

“We analyzed and we spotted a potential issue with financial guarantees and that was an important aspect.”

Rotterdam submitted its required financial guarantees late, missing last years’ October deadline. Guadalajara abandoned its bid for the 2014 Youth Olympics just days before the final vote due to financial and construction issues while organizing the 2011 Pan Am Games, and troubles have continued for the Mexican city.

The IOC will now further review the bids’ dossiers and conduct videoconferences in April before the Evaluation Commission makes recommendations ahead of the July vote.

The full IOC report is available here.