Millions In Investment Boosts Glasgow 2018 Youth Bid

Millions of pounds to be invested in children and young people, as well as the chosen site for the 2018 Youth Olympic Village, will boost Glasgow’s 2018 Youth Olympic bid.

Budget proposals published this week include an 80-million pound capital investment in the city’s primary schools, the latest stage in a program to ensure all children and young people are educated in buildings designed to help them fulfill their true potential.

Other proposals include a multi-million pound investment in the regeneration of Sighthill, the chosen site for the 2018 Youth Olympic Village.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council said, “the evidence shows that our determination and work to improve the lives of our young people is reaping great benefits for our young people and the city; now we hope that by winning the bid to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games we can push on and continue to inspire our next generations to achieve their true potential as there is still much work to do”.

Paul Bush, 2018 Bid Team Director said, “Glasgow is again demonstrating its proven commitment to the future of its young people. We hope we can work with the Olympic Movement to continue to inspire young people both here and across the globe to achieve all they can. This takes hard work and commitment over many years and is never easy, but Glasgow is in it for the long haul and winning the right to host the 2018 YOG would be a wonderful next stage in this journey”.