Glasgow 2018 Youth Bid Reveals Culture And Education Program

Glasgow 2018 revealed its plans for a 15.2 million pound Culture and Education Programme (CEP) which the bid believes will have a lasting impact on millions of young people across the globe.

Work is to start immediately on the CEP with many of the programs to be launched in 2016 using new technology and social media to ensure the Olympic Values of Excellence, Respect and Friendship will be promoted across the globe in preparation for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

Should Glasgow host the 2018 Youth Games, the Olympic Village would be at the heart of CEP with athletes taking part in the Champions In Their Lives Programme. This would include interactive sessions with Olympian ambassadors, sessions on anti-doping and the dangers of over-training.

Key programs include the National Olympic Committee (NOC) Exchange Programme in which Glasgow 2018 would bring 50 young people from the five continents to the city for a year to develop and deliver the CEP and YOG.

Sport Spaces is a sports program led by young people to use underdeveloped spaces across the globe to promote interest and participation in Olympic sports based on an existing Urban Games program being developed by young people in Glasgow,

Hand in Hand is a program that would start pre-Games to build on the extensive twinning work already happening in Glasgow to enable young people to share cultures, develop as global citizens and learn to respect and value their differences. During the Youth Games a ‘world market’ in the Youth Olympic Village would represent countries across the glove providing a place for young athletes and local young people to have fun and make friends.

Reverberate! is a global arts project that will use Glasgow’s status as a cultural powerhouse to connect young people across the world through music, dance and film. Creating key content for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletes and young people will take part in a global talent contest, make films and create the world’s largest dance party.

Global Podcasting is a forum for young athletes across the globe to use technology to capture and share experiences. Glasgow 2018 said this develops an existing system which elite young athletes from Glasgow’s School of Sport use to share and learn with their counterparts in Russia and the Caribbean.

Paul Bush, Glasgow 2018 bid director said, “our detailed and costed Culture and Education Programme is one of the central reasons why we believe Glasgow is the bid which can project the YOG and the Olympic Values across the globe, having a lasting impact on millions of young people and growing the brand.

“We want to develop our CEP through a committed partnership with the IOC in a safe and welcoming city which is fun, multi-cultural and young and where lifelong friendships are formed”.