Glasgow 2018 Youth Bid Promises A “Live City”

Should Glasgow win the bid for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG), the bid’s Young Champions promised a party on every street corner. They revealed plans for a “Live City” and said the athletes, young people, the wider community and visitors from around the world will enjoy a city-wide party with Glasgow’s famous youth culture at its heart.

As well as a host of celebration “live sites”, plans include ways to activate every community in Glasgow. Young people will design YOG celebration kits which can be used across the city to ensure that residents and visitors alike have the best possible experience in a unique atmosphere.

There are also plans to use social media throughout the Culture and Education Programme and as part of the wider celebration activities to make sure young people from across the world can participate and feel part of the YOG. Glasgow 2018 already has more than 47,000 Facebook fans and more than 6,400 Twitter followers.

Paul Bush, Glasgow 2018 Bid Director said, “we are enormously excited by the prospect of both welcoming the world to Glasgow and seeing our young people celebrate the YOG alongside the elite athletes, visitors and through social media. Our plan is not just about ensuring the security of Games venues, it’s about ensuring every participant and every fan can enjoy everything Glasgow has to offer in the safety and comfort the city provides.

“A Glasgow YOG will be unique in the way in which it will be able to embrace the whole city, making the most of the warmest Scottish welcome and Glaswegians’ unstoppable sense of fun”, he said.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will vote on a host city for the 2018 Youth Games July 4 in Lausanne, Switzerland.