Buenos Aires Constructs New Cycling Lanes To Promote 2018 Youth Bid

Buenos Aires, one of the cities bidding to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, has completed the construction of 100 km. cycle lanes and paths, helping to inspire its citizens to become active and enjoy cleaner methods of transport.

The development of the new cycle lanes is part of a scheme spearheaded by the Mayor of Buenos Aires City, Mauricio Macri. The project is called “Mejor en Bici” (“Better by Bike”). An estimated 150,000 citizens within the city now travel by bike every day, compared to 30,000 in 2009.

Mayor Macri said, “the Mejor en Bici initiative has been a huge success and it’s something that the whole of Buenos Aires can be proud of. It shows that, given the opportunity, the citizens of Buenos Aires are willing to get active and take the healthier, greener option. This is great on many levels of our city and its people while it also underlines the passion our citizens have for sport and outdoor activities.

“The figures clearly show that the scheme has already been a resounding success but it doesn’t finish here. The goal is to continue to grow the cycle network and encourage more people, especially youngsters, to take up cycling. Our bid for the Youth Olympic Games is central to our long term commitment to promoting healthy living and sporting, active lifestyles. We know that with the right strategy and the willingness of the citizens of Buenos Aires, this is very achievable”.

Francisco Irarrazaval, Buenos Aires Under-Secretary of Sport and Chief Executive of the Buenos Aires 2018 Committee added, “we want to ensure that if Buenos Aires is granted the privilege of hosting the 2018 Youth Olympic Games we are ready to welcome athletes and spectators alike with open arms and share our wonderful culture and our philosophy of health and fitness with the rest of the world. As our campaign continues to progress, we truly believe that we possess all of the attributes necessary to host an unforgettable and culturally rich Youth Olympic Games that is steeped in sporting passion”.