Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Bid Presentation Showcases Key Themes

The Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games bid committee presented its bid via a video conference with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission Wednesday.

The presentation showcased several key themes of the bid including that the city is a vibrant, youthful, fun and safe capital city that can be trusted to deliver the Youth Games on time and on budget; a globally recognized sports city famed for its culture and arts; a Games Plan tailor-made for optimal performance and maximum enjoyment; a city connecting young people to Olympic sport through digital technology; a platform to grow Youth Olympic Games and offer a real commercial breakthrough; and a city committed to growing Olympism in Argentina, South America and the world.

Mauricio Macri, Mayor of Buenos Aires said, “the citizens of Buenos Aires and Argentineans across our country are passionate about welcoming the Youth Olympic Games here. It is an honour for me to present this bid on behalf of our people.

“Buenos Aires 2018 has the complete support of the city and national government and we have pledged USD $69 million to turn our Youth Olympic Games dream into a reality. We are a capital city of global stature – an economic, sporting, media and cultural hub with influence that goes well beyond our borders. This makes us good partners for the IOC to ensure that the Youth Olympic Games flourishes in 2018 and beyond”.

Francisco Irarrazaval, Under-Secretary of Sports for Buenos Aires and CEO of the bid committee said, “in Buenos Aires life and sport are one and the same, which is why so many of our iconic sporting venues are in the centre of the city. It is where our civic heart beats and where young people gather to participate and watch sport.

“Our Games Plan involves just two city centre zones: The Green Corridor and Roca Park. By keeping travel to an absolute minimum, we’ll ensure that young athletes can devote their time and energy to what matters – optimum performance and an edifying experience. And with 24 out of 26 sports already built we can avoid the need of temporary venues – everything we’re planning for the Games complements the existing development plans for the city”.

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