Buenos Aires 2018 Celebrates Delivering Candidature File

To celebrate the submission to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of its Candidature File in its bid for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, the city of Buenos Aires launched the “Portenos Games” – a multi-sport event aimed specifically to help young people increase their Olympic sport participation and deepen their connection to Olympism.

More than 1,800 young people will take part in the event this week until the closing ceremony October 22, with the participation of Olympic athletes and Buenos Aires city authorities.

Gerardo Werthein, President of the Argentine National Olympic Committee, said, “the Youth Olympic Games have been enjoyed immensely since the world gathered in Singapore in 2010. Buenos Aires believes it is now the ideal position to be a valuable partner to the IOC to further advance the reach and impact of the YOG leading up to 2018 and beyond”.

He added, “with our bid for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games we want to show how our passion for sport, our cultural diversity and economic prosperity can help achieve our goal to connect the Olympic Movement with millions of new, young hearts and minds in Argentina and across South America”.

Mauricio Macri, Mayor of Buenos Aires said, “the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires will offer a fully integrated and deeply fulfilling sporting, cultural and educational experience for young people. Buenos Aires is a city that is compellingly rich in culture, warm with Latin hospitality, and will provide all young people, the global citizens of tomorrow, with a profoundly enriching experience that will captivate their imagination, fill them with energy and confidence and inspire their future sporting lives.

“It would be a great honour for everyone in Buenos Aires to welcome the Olympic Family and the world’s young sporting talent to our city in 2018”.