Buenos Aires 2018 Bid To Celebrate Olympic Day

The Argentinean Olympic Committee, along with the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games bid, is celebrating Olympic Day Saturday with a city-centre festival.

The Buenos Aires’ Olympic Day festival will be a free sporting and culture public event where more than 40 sports are showcased to the public by Argentinean athletes.

Gerardo Werthein, President of the Argentinean Olympic Committee, called this year’s celebrations extra special “because not only are we celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Argentinean Olympic Committee, but also because we are embarking on the final stages of Buenos Aires’ bid to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games”.

He added, “this festival of activities will encapsulate what Buenos Aires can offer to the IOC and the Youth Olympic Games – a mass celebration of sport and culture in a safe, vibrant and iconic setting which will mobilize Buenos Aires’ diverse and youthful population to become more active and take part in sport on a more regular basis. This will be a fun-filled, educational event that will bring to life the true spirit of Buenos Aires”.

Francisco Irarrazaval, Buenos Aires Under-Secretary of Sport and Chief Executive of the Buenos Aires 2018 bid committee said, “it is an honour for Buenos Aires 2018 to host an Olympic Day festival. We look forward to welcoming the Buenos Aires community for a unique celebration of Olympic sport and culture.

“For many years, our Olympic Day festivities have attracted thousands of local Olympic enthusiasts and helped to engage new generations of sports fans. Olympic Day in Buenos Aires shows just how passionate we are about the Olympic spirit – it burns bright among the citizens of our city and country.

“Buenos Aires’ bid for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games is further expression of our deep commitment to spread Olympic ideals to young people in a new part of the world and help advance the Olympic Movement in South America.”