Poznan 2014 Youth Summer Games Gets Full Government Support

Polish Sports Minister Adam Giersz told a press conference this week, “I am here today to show the full support and commitment from the Polish government for Poznan’s bid to host the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Our national government, the city of Poznan, and our National Olympic Committee are completely ready for the responsibilities the Youth Olympic Games bare and would be honoured to host such an exciting event”.

According to a press release, Poznan’s 2014 bid has gained an “impressive” number of supporters on their Facebook page and website. After only two weeks, 16,000 fans from all over the world have signed up to support the bid and the website has hundreds of visits per day.

Ryszard Grobelny, mayor of Poznan, said in the press release, “the Youth Olympic Games is a fantastic platform for growing a movement of young people who believe in and want to promote the Olympic values. After only two weeks we can see that the interest in Olympic sports and the Olympic Games is enormous among young people – it’s just a matter of us reaching out to them and engaging them. This is what our new media strategy is about and this is what we are dedicated to working closely on with the IOC should we be selected to host the Youth Olympic Games”.

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