Guadalajara To Continue With 2014 Youth Games Bid

Grupo Reforma reports that Bernardo de la Garza, chairman of Mexico’s National Sports Commission (CONADE), has ruled out Guadalajara withdrawing from the 2014 Winter Youth Olympic bid.

De la Garza said Monday the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gave good points to Mexico in its evaluation report of candidates among which is the Polish city of Poznan and China’s Nanjing.

He said that both the Pan Am Games Organizing Committee and the Guadalajara 2014 bid committee will be able to overcome any obstacles ahead. “There will always be some who want to put their personal interests above the general interest but that does not have to cancel a project of that magnitude”.

Aristoteles Sandoval, Mayor of Guadalajara, said last weekend he would consider keeping the capital’s bid for the Youth Olympics after learning of the IOC evaluation report.

He said, “we remain firm in our intentions to make Guadalajara 2014 a reality”. He added that the efforts involving the bid for the Games have been too important to dismiss, reports Grupo Reforma.

De la Garza added, “this is a national project and I will hold on to the hope of winning right until the end”.

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