Singapore 2010 To Set Up Organizing Committee

Now that that Singapore has won the right to host the first Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010 Channel News reports that an organizing committee will be set up over the next few days.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board member Ng Ser Miang, and Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports Teo Ser Luck, will be spearheading the selection of the organizing committee.

Mr. Teo said, “we need to attract the best talents in different sectors, and we would not exclude talents from overseas as well. There are some skill sets that may not be readily available locally because Singapore is new to this international sporting arena. Plans are also underway to get the young to be part of the organizing committee.

Before the Games take place in August 2010 Singapore will have hosted the first Asian Youth Games.
Mr. Teo said, “that (Asian Youth Games) has been scheduled for 2009. We will use that as a test in preparation for our Youth Olympic Games. We will have to start planning how that can be organized.