Ten Receive Merit Awards In Singapore 2010 Logo Competition

There were 10 merit awards given out to the top five entries in the 18-and-under category and the top five entries in the Open Category for participants in the Singapore 2010 Logo Design Competition launched in July.

In all there were 1,856 entries from 44 countries.

Participants were asked to come up with an original and creative design that embodies a youthful spirit, the values of Olympism, and the Singaporean identity, said a press release. The ease of application and reproduction of the logo designs was also taken into consideration.

A 13-member panel from the creative and sports industries, the Singapore Youth Olympic Games, and the organizing committee judged the competition.

Each of the winners received two tickets to the Singapore 2010 Opening and Closing Ceremonies and a $200 Samsung voucher.

Singapore 2010 said, “while the competition saw many refreshing designs, an overall best design would not be awarded as there was no single design that could capture the elements representatives of the official logo”.