Singapore 2010 Youth Games Unveils Torch

The first Youth Olympic Games torch was unveiled Friday in a simple ceremony at a primary school in Singapore.

The torch is reportedly purple and made of aluminum weighing about one kilogram; combining the dual elements of fire and water.

Channel News Asia reports about 150 torches will be made for about 2,400 torchbearers – 560 to be selected by random ballot. The public can apply online at the Million Deeds Challenge website

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said, “you can be a torchbearer. Or you can rally your friends, families and neighbours to cheer the flame and your community torchbearers as the relay passes your home, school or workplace. Or you can volunteer to organize or join in the festivities at the various community celebration sites at the end of each relay day”.

The flame will be lit in Greece in July and travel to five cities in five contents, arriving in Singapore on August 5, followed by a six-day round-the-island torch relay. The exact route and the distance each runner will cover is to be announced later, reports Channel News Asia.

The Singapore 2010 Youth Games takes place between August 14 and August 26.