Singapore 2010 Youth Games Mascot Name Contest

Singapore 2010 announced a naming exercise last week for the first inaugural Youth Olympic Games to commemorate the one-year countdown to the Games.

The Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC) invites the public to join in the excitement by taking part in naming the very first YOG mascots. Participants are asked to submit their ideas at

Goh Kee Nguan, Chief Executive Officer of SYOGOC said, “as the ambassadors and the faces of the Games, the mascots will welcome the world to Singapore in August 2010. They will help to tell the unique story of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, the host city Singapore, and the ideals of the Olympic Movement. Most of all they will bring to life the spirit of the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.

“We are looking for unique names which reflect youthfulness, are relevant to the mascot characters, and easy to pronounce”.

The competition runs for three weeks from August 14 to Sunday September 6. The mascots and their names will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2009.

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