Singapore 2010 Preparations Advanced – IOC

Following the end of its second visit to Singapore to inspect preparations for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission said the organizing committee has advanced considerably with preparations for the 2010 Youth Games.

The commission said good progress has been made in finalizing the sports program, the daily competition schedule is almost complete, and the Singapore Organising Committee (SYOGOC) is moving forward well in terms of planning for sports presentation.

SYOGOC has also made significant progress in terms of developing the Culture and Education Program, including specific content development, and has shown strong commitment to this part of the project, which is essential to the success of the youth Games.

Also SYOGOC’s commercial and marketing efforts are gaining momentum with the engagement of a large number of potential sponsors and suppliers. SYOGOC is also developing a full range of brand elements and applications to support the promotion of the Games.

The Singapore 2010 sport pictograms were unveiled Wednesday at the Singapore 2010 Learning Centre. Culture and Education pictograms will also be created and unveiled in the lead-up to the Games.

A comprehensive communications plan has been put forward, and SYOGOC has stepped up its local publicity efforts in the last few months, said the IOC.

Sergey Bubka, Chairman of the Coordination Commission, said at the end of the visit, “in the last six months, the Organising Committee has worked hard towards the completion of its venue master plan and YOG event schedule by day. Much effort has also gone into detailed operational and venue planning, which will remain SYOGOC’s focus for the coming months. It will be important for SYOGOC to keep up the tremendous momentum it has built up so far as it moves towards operational readiness”.

He added, “presentations were of a high standard and the level of detail was a clear reflection of the solid planning work SYOGOC is currently undertaking. It is clear that SYOGOC is on the right track to deliver the first Summer Youth Olympic Games and is committed to the co-construction of these inaugural Games with the IOC”.