Singapore 2010 Olympic Cauldron Lit

Following its arrival in Singapore ahead of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, S.R. Nathan, President of Singapore, lit the cauldron for the first time Friday night under a shower of fireworks, marking the start of the flame’s journey in the host city.

More than 700 performers traced the flame’s journey from Olympia to Singapore. Dancers were dressed in colourful costumes derivative of the culture of each city on the Olympic Flame’s route.

Vice President of the International Olympic Committee (IOCO) and Chairman of Singapore 2010 Ser Miang Ng arrived in an open-top vehicle with the Youth Olympic Flame in a safety lantern. The torch was lit and handed to President Nathan for the lighting of the cauldron while in the background 700 performers formed the Olympic rings amid cheers from the crowd.

The Singapore leg of the journey begins Saturday, starting a six-day torch relay with 2,400 torchbearers carrying the flame around the island.

The flame’s journey will culminate in the torch being brought to the Float@Marina Bay in Singapore on August 14, It will ignite the Singapore 2010 Youth Games cauldron as part of the Opening Ceremony, signifying the start of the Games. Once lit, the flame will continue to burn throughout the 12 days of the Games until the Closing Ceremony August 26.