Rogge Calls Singapore 2010 Visit “Fruitful, Constructive”

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge ended a three-day visit to Singapore to inspect preparations for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and called his visit “a fruitful and constructive one”.

Rogge added, “I am pleased with the way the preparations for the Youth Olympic Games are unfolding. The Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee is doing a great job, and it warms me to see that their enthusiasm for the upcoming Games matches mine. I am looking forward to a superb first edition this August”.

The visit included a tour of the sports venues, Culture and Education Programme activities, and participation in the seminar organized for the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) that will send athletes to the Youth Games.

Rogge said close attention will be paid to athletes suspected of lying about their age, reports the Associated Press.

He said, “it’s true there has been cheating in the past on age, both pretending to be younger and older. We definitely are going to be following that and if we suspect any fraud we will proceed”.

Rogge added the IOC would apply the same anti-doping measures at the Youth Games as it does at the adult Olympics, calling it “the most important age category for the prevention of doping”.

SYOGOC Chairman and IOC Vice President Ng Ser Miang said, “we are honoured and privileged to have the President of the IOC visiting Singapore again. We are encouraged by his positive feedback and encouragement. As we move closer to the opening of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games in August, I would like to invite everyone around the world to start celebrating the inaugural Games with us. Together with our partners, Singapore is committed to delivering a successful Games – one that is meaningful and memorable”.

The Singapore 2010 Youth Games are August 14-26.