One-Year Countdown To Singapore 2010 Youth Games

The Singapore 2010 Youth Games will be celebrating the one-year countdown August 14 to the first ever Youth Olympic Games being held August 14, 2010.

Five thousand athletes and officials from the 205 National Olympic Committees will be at the event along with an estimated 800 media representatives, 20,000 local and international volunteers, and more than 500,000 spectators. Athletes ages 14 to 18 will compete in 26 sports and take part in a Culture and Education Programme.

At the event the countdown clock will be unveiled, there will be a “spectacular” display of lights, sound and action as the countdown takes place at 8:10 p.m., a Youth Olympic Games Carnival, a YOG Celebration Concert and Party with performances by some of Singapore’s top talents from local schools and the entertainment scene, and an Olympic Day Run.

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