IOC Approves Singapore 2010 YOG Sports Program

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved Wednesday the sports competitions program for the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games being held in Singapore in 2010, as well as the qualification system for each event.

Mixed teams will be an innovative feature of the Singapore Youth Games as announced Wednesday.

About 3,594 athletes will compete in 26 sports comprising 201 events. The number of sports in the program is identical to the London 2012 program, said the IOC.

Each event has its own age group competing. There are 27 events in the 15-16 age group, 111 events in the 16-17 group, and 63 events in the 17-18 group.

In all disciplines competitions such as Junior World Championships, Continental Championships or official junior ranking lists will allow athletes to attempt to qualify for the Youth Games.

The four team sport tournaments – football, handball, hockey and volleyball – will consist of one national team per continent, as well as a sixth team which will either represent the NOC of the host country or be proposed by the IFs for IOC approval. An NOC will be allowed to have no more than one boys’ and one girls’ team competing for all four team sports.

An NOC delegation may include no more than 70 athletes in individual sports.

The YOG will also feature an extensive Cultural and Educational Programme which will introduce the young athletes to Olympism and the Olympic values, said the IOC, and to raise awareness on important issues such as the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, the fight against doping, and their role as sports ambassadors in their communities.