Glasgow To Bid For 2018 Youth Olympics

Glasgow is bidding to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. A letter from Glasgow City Council to British Olympic Association (BOA) chief executive Andy Hunt says, “we recognize that the BOA will be required to carry out a thorough review process and should your meeting agree in September to express an interest, this will give the opportunity for both Glasgow and other potential interested UK cities to develop their proposals further”.

Glasgow has asked the BOA to consider the proposal at its board meeting later this month.

The Herald quotes a source saying “it’s all at a very early stage. If the BOA want a UK city to host the event at that stage we start doing all the costings and detailed planning, including what the benefits to the city will be. That’s all a costly exercise, so you’d wait for things to be a bit more concrete before getting into that detail.

“It’s certainly something we’ve been watching with interest and we had observers from Glasgow at Singapore (where the first Youth Olympic Games were held last year). By 2018 we’ll have had the Commonwealth Games experience and the capacity and to deliver something like this. It’s really down to it being the next big thing we could genuinely host”.

Glasgow is hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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