Summary of PyeongChang 2018 Final Presentation to the IOC

Durban, South Africa –

[Following is an unedited synopsis of the PyeongChang 2018 Presentation]

PyeongChang was the final presentation of the day to the IOC.

It was led off with an energetic video of Korean athletes, hoping to inspire others and enjoying what they love.

Theresa Rah, communications director, started the presentation speaking in English

“Words are very important in the Olympic Movement”

“New Horizons is also about hope.”

“To earn your support here today we know Pyeongchang 2018 needs to have a clear benefit for the Olympics, not just Korea.”

She spoke about PyeongChang’s previous two bids and persitance.

PyeongChang Chairman YH Cho took the podium speaking in English.

He wished his competitor luck = “just not too much of it.”

He described three goals to deliver on – what is best for Winter Sport; what is best for Olympic athletes; and what is best for the Olympic movement.

President Lee Myung-bak took the podium speaking in English.

“The Olympic is one of the most powerful legacies created by mankind.”

He spoke about Korea’s first Olympic in St. Moritz – a poor country with only three skaters competing. Then 40 years later the Olympic Games were hosted in Seoul.

“I appreciate more than anyone what the IOC and the Olympics has given our nation.”

“I guarantee you the full and unconditional support of the Korean government.”

“We’ll work hard, we’ll make you proud.”

“I ask you for your support today so you can finally make our Olympic and Paralympic dream come true.”

Special Ambassador Jin-Sun Kim took the podium next speaking English.

“For more than 10 years the people of Gangwon province and I have worked hard to realize our Olympic dreams.”

“We never gave up, and tried again.”

“We listened to your advice and improved our plans.”

“We honoured our promised to you.”

“Our passion to host the Olympic Games has not changed over 10 year, it has only gotten stronger.”

“I believe it is my destiny to stand before you for the third time.”

“I humbly ask for your support to host the Games for the first time in our country.”

Olympic Champion Yuna Kim took the podium speaking in english.

“You are making history today and I get to be a small part of it.”

“I am a living legacy of our government’s efforts to improve the standard of winter sport.”

A video featuring Yuna Kim showcased the transportation improvements planned and venue layout.

IOC Member Dae Sung-Moon took the podium next speaking in english.

He described the concept of the athlete centered plan.

“We did our homework.”

“We want PyeongChang to be another revolutionary step for the Paralympics.”

“We’ll be ready and waiting for you.”

YS Park, President of the Korean Olympic Committee took the podium, speaking in english.

“[To Prince Albert] Your serene highness, I’m sorry that you are spending your honeymoon listening to PyeongChang’s bid for the third time but I promise to make it up to you in PyeongChang in seven years time.”

A video was shown describing the “Best of Korea” program that will address the needs of additional entertainment options during the Games.

“I hope you give us the chance to prove that PyeongChang Is ready.”

Toby Dawson, American Olympic medalist, took the podium speaking in english.

He spoke about the opportunities that South Korea is offering athletes now and how it can improve in the future.

“Your support today for PyeongChang 2018 will truly change the lives of young athletes.”

Rah took the podium again, speaking in French and English

“It’s about expanding Olympic sport in underserved markets.”

“Of the 21 Winter Games held so far, 19 have been held in traditional market – only 2 in asia and none in Korea.”

“It is a race about dreams.”

“Ours will be a legacy beyond brick and mortar.”

“The memory will be a lot sweeter if you choose PyeongChang.”

“We know whatever decision today you make today will be an historic one.”

A final film was shown focusing on the dream program – the young athletes involved and their hopes.

The presentation concluded.

Prince Albert asked the delegation fo some information on environmental and sustainability plans.

Adam Pengilly asked about plans of sports continuing to develop after the Games.

YS Park briefly outlined the environment plans.

Byoung Guong Chung spoke about the Drive the Dream program and the Dream Program and how these will relate to a future sports development legacy.

YH Cho addressed a question about natural snow vs artificial snow with details.

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