PyeongChang Bids For 2018 Winter Olympic Games

PyeongChang South Korea announced Tuesday it is bidding for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and called on the provincial legislature to approve its bid, reports Yonhap News.

PyeongChang lost its bid for the 2014 Winter Games To Sochi, and the 2010 Winter Games to Vancouver.

PyeongChang told the legislature of Gangwon Province it would not fail in its third bid for the Winter Olympic Games.

The proposal read, “PyeongChang won the recognition of the international sports world and media as well as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for its ability (to host the Olympics)”.

Following PyeongChang’s defeat last July the provincial legislature adopted a resolution that PyeongChang should bid for the 2018 Games.

Kim Hak-cheol, a senior PyeongChang official said, referring to a series of recent international competitions Gangwon Province has hosted, that “PyeongChang now has a favourable international situation, having won recognition from the world. We’ll also seek cooperation from the Korean Olympic Committee and the government and then begin a full campaign to host the event”.