PyeongChang 2018 YouTube Video Bogus

A media report speculating that an IOC rule-breaching YouTube video promoting the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games bid may have been distributed by the bid committee has turned out to be false.

Three weeks ago a short video promoting the bid appeared on the popular YouTube video-sharing website. While following the style used during the past two PyeongChang bids, the production was amateurish, used only stock footage, and broke several IOC rules including the use of Olympic Rings in the bid logo and endorsements from IOC members. has received confirmation from a bid spokesperson that the video was not produced or distributed by the bid committee but was instead created by a high school student. According to information on YouTube the video was posted by a resident of Incheon, South Korea – a city 38 km South West of Seoul.

The original media report from an influential Olympic-industry Web publication claims that the IOC is investigating the incident.

The bid committee has requested that the video be deleted.