PyeongChang 2018 Gets Support From Elected Officials

Politicians from the National Assembly, Provincial Assembly and Municipal Council in Gangwon Province, joined participants of the 9th annual “Harmony Meeting”, a sporting event that brings together people of various political backgrounds, to express their support for PyeongChang’s 2018 bid.

And at a meeting of 18 mayors and country governors from Gangwon Province, hosted by Governor Kwang-Jae Lee, participants agreed that hosting a 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in PyeongChang would enhance the province’s growth and they made clear their enthusiasm for the bid campaign, and their willingness to support preparations for the International Olympic Committee’s evaluation commission’s visit in February.

Recent opinion polls show that 91 per cent of the nation’s population and 93 per cent of Gangwon Province support PyeongChang’s bid.

Yang Ho Cho, Chairman and CEO of PeyongChang 2018 said, “on behalf of PyeongChang 2018 I am delighted to hear the repeated and strengthened encouragement from the different levels of government as well as the passionate support that the Korean people have for our bid. As our campaign moves towards a new phase, we promise to work harder than ever in the coming months as we take our proposals to the wider Olympic Movement”.

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