Officials Take To Streets To Promote PyeongChang 2018 Bid

Fifty days ahead of the host city selection for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, PyeongChang has launched a street campaign to promote its bid.

In the streets of Seoul Tuesday more than 160 lawmakers and officials from Gangwon Province, PyeongChang and surrounding venue cities rallied public support for PyeongChang’s bid.

Kim Ki-nam, Chairman, Gangwon Provincial Council said, “with only 50 days left until the announcement, we are here to campaign on the streets of Seoul to conjure up nationwide interest and rally support”.

The officials were divided into seven groups, branching out to Seoul’s major streets handing out promotional flyers and freebies to passersby.

Nam Gyeong-moon, Lawmaker, Gangwon Province said, “this is something that we must do as an agenda for Gangwon and for Korea, so everyone must put in all their efforts. There’s not that much time left now, so we’re giving our best”.