Korean President In PyeongChang Ahead of Official IOC Visit

PyeongChang, South Korea – Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak was in PyeongChang Tuesday as 2018 Olympic bid organizers prepare for the official visit of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Evaluation Commission. The IOC team spent the day in closed-door meetings.

Lee plans to visit with the IOC members personally in support of his nation’s bid.

The President visited a group of international children who are participating in the ‘Dream Program’ – an annual legacy of PyeongChang’s unsuccessful 2010 Winter Games bid that allows youth from nations that don’t have a winter climate participate in winter sport. As the children were taking turns on a practice bobsleigh run, Lee did some of the pushing and posed with them for photographers.

The President also greeted international reporters who are in PyeongChang this week covering the evaluation visit that is set to begin Wednesday.

On Wednesday the IOC will spend the day in meetings with the bid committee conducting detailed reviews of PyeongChang’s plans to host the Games. Venue tours will begin Thursday and the visit will conclude Saturday with an IOC press conference.