Summary of Munich 2018 Presentation to the IOC

Durban, South Africa –

[The following is a rough unedited synopsis from the Munich 2018 presentation]

The Munich presentation led off the day.

The pitch opened with a video that included a display of culture, sport and people from various backgrounds.

Thomas Bach, DOSB President began with comments in German and in English, he apologized for bombarding IOC members with information about the bid.

“We have been longing to host the Winter Olympic Games for more than 80 years.”

“Today is about the questions we will all face tomorrow.”

“It is about the sport tomorrow and the society of tomorrow”

“This is a sport driven bid”

“It needs the passion of a whole city like in Munich … to create a true festival of friendship that captures the whole world”

Katarina Witt, Bid Chair, was next to take the podium.

“It takes the right stage for an athlete to create their own work of art.”

A yodeler sounded off during her words followed by a video named “Munich Loves You” showing the people of Germany and around the world.

Munich Mayor Christian Ude took the podium next. He simulated the tapping of an Oktoberfest keg, something he does ceremonially every year as the event, which attracts 6 million people, begins.

The Munich Olympic Park has hosted 10,000 events and 500 million people.

“The Park needs to be renewed to host international sport for the next 40 years.”

“The incredible breadth of choices that Munich has to offer – you will never be bored.”

A video was shown, featuring Katarina Witt enjoying museums, restaurants, spas, shopping and other places in Germany.

Bernhard Schwank, bid CEO presented and overview of the plan next.

“When you step out of the plane you are right in the heart of Munich.”

“Munich offers a stage that will resonate throughout the world.”

Another video ran that showed young people enjoying sport in Germany and around the world, including some who were simulating Winter sports in a warm climate – the music was “A City of Friends”.

German President Christian Wulff spoke in German about how children grow up loving winter sport.

“Place your trust in us for the Winter Games 2018.”

“Germany is united behind Munich 2018.”

“We recognize the huge achievements of sports organization like the IOC.”

“We are committed to the values of the Paralympic Games.”

“Let dreams come true.”

The next video shown was about sport education by Germans in other nations.

German IOC Member and Olympian Claudia Bokel spoke in French – she referenced the previous video.

She spoke of sport opportunity in Germany.

A video about Paralympic Olympians, and their achievements in Germany was shown.

Verena Bentele, a blind German Paralympian took the podium to discuss the Paralympic bid.

Double Olympic Champion Maria Hoefl-Riesch took the podium.

She spoke about how her family has grown up with winter sports and that they are longing for a Winter Games.

A video showing elite athletes from around the world, competing in Germany, wishing well to Munich’s bid.

Franz Beckenbauer, German Football star for the national team and President of the Germany 2006 FIFA World Cup, took the podium.

“Munich is fantastic place to hold mega events.”

“I would like to invite you to the Winter dream of 2018.”

Katarina Witt returned to the Podium.

“As you know, once an athlete, always and athlete.”

“For the last 18 months I have traveled around the world following the voice of international sport.”

She described events in the recent past that attracted many spectators and broke records.

“We guarantee full stadia.”

Another video dramatically showed winter athletes warming up and preparing for events.

Thomas Bach returned to the podium.

“Say yes – to Munich 2018.”

“Can Olympic Winter Games be organized in a sustainable way? Yes.”

“The legacy of Munich 2018 will not be jeopardized by any White elephants.”

“Is the election of the host really about sport and the athletes? Yes.”

The presentation concluded about 4 minutes long.

IOC Members Prince Albert and Adam Pengilly asked questions to the Munich panel.

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