Opposition Group 'Nolympia' Organizes Protest During Munich 2018 Olympic Evaluation

Munich 2018 opposition group ‘Nolympia’ organized a protest Tuesday outside the International Media Centre for the city’s Olympic bid evaluation by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). About 50 protestors waved larged banners and shouted “Go home IOC”; some wore striped prison uniforms and others wore letters to spell “nolympia”. Their concern revolves around the proposed costs of the Games; “Who’s going to pay the bill?” a distributed leaflet asks in German.

Earlier, Munich’s Lord Mayor Christian Ude informed reporters of the planned protest and it’s sheduled time of 5:00 PM to be held in Marienplatz. He said that it had been scheduled during the symbolic bell ringing in the famous city square when many tourists normally gather to watch animated figures in the Glockenspiel. He notioned that the time was strategically planned so that the crowds would make the opposition look much larger than it was.

“Come back at 6:00,” invited the Mayor, suggesting that the smaller crowds at that time would represent a truer size of the Munich 2018 opposition.

Munich 2018 later released a statement regarding the protest.

“Whilst we support the right of this small group today to express ther opposition to the Bid, it has to be put in the proper perspective; these disparate minority groups represent less than 1% of the total population of Bavaria. By comparison, over 8 million Bavarians support the bid…”

The IOC has scheduled a 30 minute meeting with Nolympia Tuesday evening a 6:30; the Evaluation Commission always allow protest groups a chance to voice their concerns during evaluation visits.

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