New Website Promotes Munich 2018

Two Munich Green Party members have launched a pro-Olympic website demonstrating their support for Munich 2018’s Winter Olympic Bid.

According to a press release, the website OlympiJA 2018 offers information about decisions made by local, regional and national governments, and commentaries from guests, as well as a “transparent” forum for discussion. It also presents statements in support of Munich’s bid based on seven key legacies that the 2018 Games would deliver.

Willy Bogner, CEO of Munich 2018, said, “this support from Sabine Krieger and Jutta Koller from the Green Party has been tremendous. Munich 2018, working closely with several environmental organizations, aims to achieve the highest Green standards in every aspect of the Games preparation, construction and operations”.

Sabine Krieger, who co-runs the website said, “we believe our region will undoubtedly benefit from hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, especially with the Munich 2018 environmental policies. The Games will also offer the Green Party a platform to develop its environmental programs in the city”.