Munich’s 2018 Bid Has “Good Chance”

German Olympic Committee’s Thomas Bach told Deutsche Press-Agentur (DPA) that Munich stands a good chance to win the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in its first attempt. He said, “we bid to win and to stage the Winter Games 2018”.

Bach called Munich’s bid “good” stressing “most of the venues are ready”.

In its bid Munich would host the ice events while Garmish-Partenkirchen would host the snow events and Koenigssee the sliding events.

According to DPA if Munich is successful in its bid it would be the first city to host summer and winter Olympics following the 1972 Games.

Bach said, “it (the bid) follows in the Olympic tradition from 1972 which up to the terrible attack of Palestinians on the Israel team was remembered for its cheerful atmosphere”.

He added the successful 2009 world athletics champions in Berlin could help Munich’s cause.

“Everyone in German sport is interested in the worlds being a success and that Germany presents itself as a likeable, friendly and well-organized host”, he said.

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