Munich 2018 Turns Green

Munich’s bid for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games has turned a shade greener with the announcement that BayWa AG, the energy, agriculture and construction group with strong ties to Bavaria, and a global reputation for expertise in sustainability and renewable energies, is now the latest sponsor of Munich’s Olympic bid.

Prime Minister of Bavaria Horst Seehofer told a press conference, “I am delighted that BayWa AG, an internationally renowned company which has maintained its roots in our region, has backed the city’s Olympic bid. With BayWa on board, we are even more confident that by 2018 Munich can deliver its ambitious targets: state-of-the-art life-cycle source reduction, lasting reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, innovative water-management and waste avoidance practices (which) will all contribute to our sustainability goals”.

Hep Monatzeder, Third Mayor of Munich said, “BayWa’s proven experience in ecological projects will lend our bid real momentum. For example, a concept drawn up by BayWa for the development of renewable energies points the way forward for compensating unavoidable carbon emissions. A positive national climate balance is a key part of the Munich 2018 bid’s environmental concept”.

Meanwhile, Germany is one of Europe’s leading green nations according to a recent Reader’s Digest survey on the continent’s most environmentally-friendly countries and the measures they have taken.

Munich 2018 says the short distances between the sports venues and the environmentally friendly Olympic Villages in Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen have aided a Games concept based on sustainability. Ice sports will be staged in Munich while Alpine events will be in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The artificial ice track at Konigssee will be used as a venue for some of the ice sports.

Munich is competing with Annecy and PyeongChang to become the host city for the 2018 Winter Games.