Munich 2018 To Address Concerns Of German Alpine Association

Munich 2018 has responded to the concerns of the German Alpine Association (DAV). Willy Bogner, CEO of Munich 2018, is inviting the president of the DAV, Heinz Rohle, to a “summit talk” which Bogner believes will be the start of ongoing, fruitful talks with the DAV.

A Munich 2018 spokesperson told there will be a meeting next week of the Munich 2018 Environmental Group to which the DAV is also invited to attend and discuss its views in detail.

Munich 2018 says since the initial presentation of the 18 bid projects to various organizations in October 2009, the environmental aspects of the bid have been “significantly” strengthened with the Deutsche Sporthochschule (German Sports University) and the Oko-Insittut (Ecological Institute) used to verify the projects and finalize the plans. This will be presented to the Munich 2018 Environmental Group next week. All the DAV’s concerns should be addressed at this meeting, said the spokesperson.

The financing of these projects is also clear and is included in the budget, said the spokesperson.