Munich 2018 Submits “Athlete-Focused” Bid Book To IOC

Munich 2018 submitted its bid book to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne Tuesday, promising it “will act as an historic blueprint for an athlete-focused and sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games held in a celebratory, festival atmosphere”.

Katarina Witt, Chair of Munich 2018, and Bernhard Schwank, CEO of the bid committee, handed over the files at the IOC offices on Lake Geneva.

Witt said, “the Munich 2018 bid book has three outstanding assets – a world-class athlete experience designed by world-class athletes, a uniquely dynamic plan that offers the IOC an historic sustainability showcase, and a promise of a Festival of Friendship that will unite the sporting world in a celebration of Olympism before, during and after the Games.

“And, speaking as an Olympian, I have been particularly impressed by our plans to ensure that the 2018 Olympians and Paralympians will reap the benefits from Bavaria’s and Germany’s experience of hosting sports on the Winter Games program, with 15 World Cups and World Championships this winter”.

Bernhard Schwank added, “for the first time in Olympic history, Munich 2018 will demonstrate how Olympic venues (from our 1972 Summer Games) can be transformed into Winter Games venues. In fact, the 2018 Games in Munich would revitalize the existing Munich Olympic Park and enable it to continue serving the next generations and the international sports community for the next 40 years. This will give the Olympic Movement a living legacy story that spans 80 years. Now that is what I call sustainability at work!”

Under Munich’s plan approximately 80 per cent of the athletes will reside within five minutes of their competition and training venues. Each park will serve as a major sport and cultural celebration centre for the Games.

The IOC will be visiting Munich and its competitors, Annecy and PyeongChang, in February and March.