Munich 2018 Proposes Unique Winter and Summer Games Legacy – More Inside Olympic Bid Book

Munich submitted its 113-page Olympic Winter Games bid book to the International Olympic Committee in time for the Monday deadline proposing a vision that builds upon the 1972 Summer Olympic Games and proposes a new Munich Olympic Park legacy – “an international centre of summer and winter sport”. No city has ever hosted both the summer and winter Olympic Games and this feat would certainly make Munich a unique sports destination.

Commentary in the bid books describes a national passion for winter sports, legendary venues and the tagline “our friendly games”. Although organizers couldn’t have known it before this document was prepared, IOC President Jacques Rogge declared the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games “excellent and very friendly “, so perhaps the concept is on target.

The bid has full government support and financial guarantees, and 75.5% of Munich residents support the plan – 68% across Germany. The bid book indicates that the committee is currently engaged with at least one opposition group that has environmental concerns. Munich 2018 chief Will Bogner told “we are in good contact and good dialogue – we don’t see a major problem there.”

This is Munich’s first Winter Games bid and only its second bid ever (the 1972 Games were won on the first try), so the concept and venue plans are untested. However the proposed two-park plan is based on sites that are already major sports venues and as a result are well serviced by transportation and other infrastructure as well as tourist facilities.

Fifteen competition venues are proposed – eight exist, three require construction and four are temporary. To take environmental responsibility, new venue construction will be on existing sites in order to minimize land use.

The Munich Ice Park will be the home of five competition venues in addition to the existing Olympic Stadium for ceremonies – a curling venue that will exist in the adapted Olympic swimming pool, figure skating and short track in the Olympic hall, a hockey arena on the site of the old cycling stadium, a second ice hockey arena, and a speed skating oval that will be dismantled and used elsewhere after the Games.

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen Snow Park, a resort area in the Bavarian Alps, will house nine snow venues – five that already exist and one new permanent construction. Three will be temporary. The historic Konigssee Sliding Center will take USD$31.5 million in renovations for the World Championships in 2011 and will be state-of-the-art in 2018 and host bobsleigh, luge and skeleton competitions.

The two clusters will be approximately 1-hour apart by car.

Olympic villages will be in adjacent to the ice park and the snow park, and there will be additional accommodations in a new hotel near the Konigssee sliding park. Press and broadcast centres will also be housed in both clusters, the MPC will be at the ice park.

Already a tourist destination, there are 35,900 hotel room with a 50km radius. An additional 3,000 to 9,000 rooms may be available in time for the Games. The bid committee recommends the Westin Grand and Sheraton hotel properties for the Olympic family accommodations. Munich International Airport is approximately 40 minutes from the Olympic Stadium.

The bid expects revenues of USD$1,074 million including $559 million from domestic sponsorships and $229 million from ticket sales that assume an 80% sell-out of tickets ranging from $46 for preliminary curling to $419 for ice hockey finals.

The bid book details venue preparation costs (including new construction and improvements) of USD$331 millions with $143 million budgeted for an ice hockey arena. USD$743 million is allotted for new and planned transportation improvements.

If Munich wins the bids, the Games would take place between February 9 and February 25. To achieve this organizers have budgeted USD$19.7 million for the application phase and a further USD$22.7 million should they be selected as an applicant – for a total of USD$42.5 million.

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