Munich 2018 – Presents Bid At Sports Summit, CEO Has Illness

The Munich 2018 bid committee presented its bid in an exhibit at the SPONSORS Sports Venue Summit, which brought together hundreds of top representatives from the world’s leading sporting organizations and sponsors.

Will Bogner, CEO of Munich 2018, said “through participation in the conference, Munich 2018 has highlighted the bid’s commitment to the environment and sustainability, as well as Germany’s expertise in technology and innovation. Holding a global sporting conference in Munich demonstrates the city’s importance to the international sporting community, who we hope to welcome back to Germany in 2018 should Munich be selected to host the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games”.

The main thrust of the summit was energy management. Munich 2018 says it is committed to staging one of the most environmentally friendly Games ever held.

Munich 2018 is in the final stages of preparation for a series of presentations to the Olympic Movement, commencing at the Association of the National Olympic Committees XVII General assembly in Acapulco October 20-22. Also, a team of German and international experts are putting together the Munich 2018 Candidature File, due to be submitted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) January 11, 2011.

Meanwhile Munich 2018 CEO Willy Bogner is reportedly suffering from an intestinal illness. Bogner said Wednesday at the Sports Venue Summit, “I must come to terms with it and talk to the doctors. It is a serious thing, I cannot delay treatment”.

Bogner told the Bild daily he was suffering from diverticulitis, a digestive disease mainly found in the large intestine. He said he may need an operation.