Munich 2018 Officials Experience Vancouver 2010 Trails

Willy Bogner, CEO of Munich 2018, and Katarina Witt, Chair of Munich 2018, took to the ski trails of Grouse Mountain during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

The two Olympians wanted to get a sense of what it was like to step just outside the Games and add a new dimension to their experience in Vancouver, said a press release.

They were followed by German Television ARD that is producing Katarina’s Olympic Diary.

After the last run Bogner said, “it has been a joy to ski up here during the Games. I love skiing so close to the centre of the city and taking in the beauty of British Columbia’s crown jewel. Definitely puts me in mind of Munich where the mountains are just beyond the doorstep of the city”.

The two agreed that having ski resorts so close to the city helps to develop the kind of passionate, knowledgeable fan base that creates the atmosphere essential to the Olympic Winter Games.

Bogner added, “you can feel the winter sport spirit all across this city. Just like our nation, the Canadians are crazy about winter sport”.