Munich 2018 Logo Competition Ends

The international online competition for a Munich 2018 Winter Olympic bid ended August 21 with about 50,000 people participating in the vote.

The announcement of the Munich 2018 logo will take place October 16, 2009, and the new look of Munich’s 2018 bid will be announced. The winners of prizes in the competition will be determined by a raffle.

Richard Adam, managing director of the Applications Society Munich 2018 GbmH said in a press release, “the turnout of the people was great”. He added that many participants offered the bid committee their continued support, either in the form of links to the bid or as volunteers during the bid process and the Games.

The logo selection is the first step in the bid and Munich 2018 said it will implement various forms of communication, from merchandise to a new website.

Bernhard Schwank, managing director of Munich 2018, called October 16, 2009 an important milestone for the bid as the bid changes from applicant city when, on October 15, the National Olympic Committee (NOC) will sign an application to host the 2018 Games and Munich 2018 will become a Candidate City.