Munich 2018 Leadership Satisfied With Day 1 of IOC Evaluation

After about 10 hours of meetings with the IOC on the first day of the evaluation visit, the bid leadership of Munich 2018 spoke about their progress.

“It’s been a long day, it’s been a very interesting day, it was a tough day for all of us, but I think in general the mood has been very good,” said Katarina Witt.

“The experts have been able to answer all of the questions they asked and we are so far quite satisfied and quite happy with our first day and honestly we are very much looking forward to going outside tomorrow and visit the outside venues and get a little bit of fresh air.”

Earlier Tuesday, a group of about 50 protestors from “Nolympia” had a rally in Marienpletz while the IOC were behind closed doors.

“It’s really a minority who is not liking the idea. I wish you see this majority that really like the idea of bringing the Olympic Games to Munich, to Bavaria and we are a democracy where people are able to address their concerns.”

Bernhard Schwank, CEO of the bid added “it was a clear minority I think and if you have the right perspective on that you have to look at not only this group who are protesting with less than 100 people on the Marienpletz but at the other figures. You know the last poll is 74% over Germany that is behind the Games.”

“I appreciate the meeting tonight between the IOC and the 6 representatives of the opponents. It was a friendly meeting, they presented their standpoints and their look on this bid and I’m sure that the IOC will take it into the right perspectve.

“We have to concentrate on our things, on the commission and what’s coming up in the next 3 days so, and then we will see.”

Witt explained “we have an incredible bid, we have incredible things to offer with Munich as a big city, with the festival of friendship happening here, with visitors from all over the world.

“I cannot think of anything why we should not be honoured to get the Olympic Games, but it is not in our hands and I can assure you though that we have delivered everything we could as an entire team to maybe, hopefully, cross the finish line.”

Schwank concluded “overall I think it was a very productive day, hopefully not only for the IOC Evaluation Commission, but also for us to get a much more clearer idea of what’s important to deliver a successful Games.”

The evaluation continues Wednesday at the Snow Park in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. – Munich 2018 Evaluation Visit – Katarina Witt Comments on Day 1