Munich 2018 Gets Boost From Shareholders And Supervisory Board

Munich 2018 Shareholders’ Assembly and Supervisory Board both gave their unanimous approval to Munich’s Candidature File for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games as announced Monday at a press conference following meetings of the two bodies. Both organizations pledged their complete support for Munich 2018’s bid book.

Thomas Bach, President of the German Olympic Committee and Chairman of the Munich 2018 Shareholders’ Assembly, said he believes the universal approval of the Candidature File will be a significant boost in the critical months ahead.

He said, “building on the success of our time at the Association of National Olympic Committee General Assembly in Acapulco last month, and especially our excellent presentation to the NOCs, this public vote of confidence will give Munich 2018 a big lift. The sustainability of our bid concept, in particular, has created huge enthusiasm among all our shareholders. Munich 2018’s bid is founded on existing world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art venues, which guarantee that investment costs will remain low. These are very important attributes”.

Bernhard Schwank, CEO of Munich 2018 said, “with the approval of local, regional and federal political bides and from all our shareholders, all budgets and guarantees have been assured. The bid committee can continue our international campaign in the knowledge that the politicians and the public at home are all behind us”.

Horst Seehofer, Prime Minister of Bavaria added, “all political bodies concerned have demonstrated their complete support. The German population stands behind the bid. I am sure we will submit a superb Bid Book to the IOC in January 2011 and I am confident we can stage an unforgettable Winterfest in 2018”.