Munich 2018 “Fan Flight” Lands As Germany's President Arrives

Horst Seehofer, Prime Minister of Bavaria, was one of the passengers on Munich 2018’s Fan Flight that landed in Durban, South Africa Tuesday along with 15 Munich 2018 sports ambassadors and more than 100 winter sports fans, all showing their support for Munich 2018’s Festival of Friendship.

Seehofer joins the Munich 2018 delegation that includes the Head of State, President Christian Wulff, Federal Minister of the Interior Hans-Peter Friedrich, and Lord Mayor of Munich, Christian Ude.

German President Christian Wulff also arrived in Durban Tuesday to support Munich’s bid and said, “I think Munich has presented an excellent bid here”.

He added, “I am here to assure you that we want to have an emotional and enthusiastic Games if we win the bid; and I am here to make sure that you know just how enthusiastic Germany is and the whole German population is about hosting it”.

Katarina Witt, head of Munich 2018 said, “this Fan Flight says so much about what makes our bid special. We are honoured to have Prime Minister Seehofer supporting us here in Durban, and our sports ambassadors are living proof that Munich 2018 is a bid from athletes for athletes. And we are just over the moon to have all these fans here. They’ve taken time off work, they’ve travelled thousands of miles, just to cheer us on and give us that extra push towards the finish line. That’s the kind of passion that will define Munich 2018’s Festival of Friendship”.

The fans will watch the Munich 2018’s presentation and the host city decision, from German House, along with Munich 2018 sports ambassadors, sponsors and partners.

Munich 2018’s final presentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is at 8:45 local time Wednesday.

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