Munich 2018 Faces City Council Votes Wednesday

The Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen City Councils will vote Wednesday whether to support or reject the Munich 2018 Olympic bid book according to several media reports in Germany.

Eurosport reports that the bid must first receive the approval of the cabinet, something that is largely a formality – but then it must receive the support of both City Councils that would be hosts to many of the events.

It’s widely believed that the bid will receive the Council’s approval in Garmisch-Partenkirchen; residents there are satisfied with a revised plan that reduces the use of farmers’ land.

But TAZ reports that the Greens in Munich voted Monday to oppose the bid in City Council on Wednesday, citing unresolved budget and environmental issues. According to the online source, the Greens hold a minority position and are not compelled to vote against the project based on their party’s position.

The Greens signed a coalition agreement to support the bid in 2008 and will likely stand by it.

“We will stay on its path and all vote for the Olympics,” the Greens minority leader Lydia Dietrich told TAZ.

Without the city council’s support, the bid will be unable to move forward.