Munich 2018 Environmental Concept Approved

Members of the Munich 2018 Technical Commission for the Environment were unanimous in their approval of the environmental and sustainability concept in Munich’s bid for the 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A Munich 2018 press release said the decision underscores the bid’s ecological commitment, and the concept provides the foundation for the bid book.

Munich 2018’s environmental and sustainability concept prioritises protection of nature, climate protection, development of sustainable sports and regional development and sustainable education programs.

Munich 2018 calls the approval of the concept a key milestone in the development of Munich’s bid and underpins the overall concept.

Bernard Schwank, Managing Director of the Munich 2018 bid committee said, “we have now laid the foundations for an eco-friendly, sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Munich. I would like to thank members of the Technical Commission for the Environment for their constructive work on the concept”.