Munich 2018 Announces New Board Of directors

Munich 2018 announced Friday its new Board of Directors which will build on the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) positive report last month and launch Munich’s international campaign as a Candidate City.

The board is comprised of the bid committee’s six departmental directors – Steffi Klein (Sports), Jochen Farber (Communications), Andreas Weinberger (Finance), Katrin Merkel (International Relations), Jurgen Buhl ( Planning) and Stefan Bruckner (Marketing).

Willy Bogner, CEO of Munich 2018 said, “our journey to Durban and the IOC session on 6 July 2011 has begun, and with this fabulous team on board we can now shift up a gear and build some real momentum. Munich 2018 is proud to have recruited such a first-class team. They all come with excellent reputations and proven success in a variety of backgrounds. Most importantly, they share my belief that the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Munich in 2018 would be the most athlete-friendly, the most Olympic family-friendly, and the most future-friendly Games in history”.

There are three new additions to the team. Steffi Klein, Sports Director, joins Munich 2018 from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) where she was Media and Communications Manager for seven years.

Jochen Farber will lead the Communications department, having worked for TV broadcasting station Eurosport, and as spokesperson for the International Fencing Federation.

Finance Director Andreas Weinberger’s background is with Deloitte, one of the world’s leading auditing and financial services companies and official supporters of Munich’s 2018 bid.