Munich 2018 Ambassadors Marched In Vancouver Opening Ceremony

More than 70 German athletes have signed up as Athlete Ambassadors for Munich 2018’s Winter Olympic bid, and 16 of them are part of the German Olympic Team.

Willy Bogner, CEO of Munich 2018, said Friday ahead of the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony, “as the Parade of Nations unfolds tonight we are proud that a great group of young Germans will be carrying the hopes and dreams of our bid with them.

“Our 16 Athlete Ambassadors embody all of the great qualities of Germany’s winter sports tradition as well as our Olympic dreams. They’re tough competitors who respect and befriend their rivals. They have set a high standard of excellence while building friendships through sport – and have contributed to our plans to deliver a truly athlete-friendly Games.

“The fact that we have 70 Athlete Ambassadors, including 16 active Olympians, is a reflection of Germany’s passion for winter sport and our nation’s desire to bring the Winter Games to Germany for a great celebration of friendship through sport”, he said.