Massive TV Ratings In Germany Boost Munich 2018 Bid

Massive TV ratings in Germany and 30 medals (which exceeded targets), 15 won by Munich 2018 boosted Munich’s bid for the 2018 Winter Games.

According to a press release tens of millions of “passionate” winter sports fans in Germany watched the Germany athletes on television. Close to 11 million alone watched the women’s biathlon – breaking all previous German records for this event.

Munich 2018 CEO Willy Bogner said, “Germany’s incredible passion for winter sport and the Olympic Games has been reflected both on the podium and back home. However medal successes and high TV figures are only part of our Olympic offer. The friendliness of the fans and volunteers in Vancouver is also central to Munich’s vision for the Olympic Movement. We aim to combine the famed friendliness and hospitality of Bavaria with the national passion for winter sport”.

An unexpected boost for Munich’s 2018 bid in Vancouver came when up to 100,000 people attended German Fan Fest, enjoying the Games in a traditional Bavarian festival tent run by the German National Sports Confederation (DOSB).