“Carbon-Neutral” Munich 2018 Games

Environmental experts at the Oko-Institut have developed a new “Green Goals” program for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany, highlighting how pivotal the continuous development of sustainability concepts is for hosting green global sports events, and Munich 2018’s concept for hosting an environmentally friendly Festival of Friendship was devised in close cooperation with the OKO-Institut.

At a federal press conference in the Germany Chancellery Tuesday by industry-leading environmental experts, Theo Zwanziger, President of the German Football Association and a member of Munich 2018’s Board of Trustees said, “Munich 2018 has set ambitious targets with its sustainability concept and shows perfectly how the environment and sport play alongside one another through innovative projects. The fans in Germany deserve the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in their home country. The passion for football and the passion for winter sports in Germany are huge and so I’m crossing my fingers for Munich 2018 on 6 July”.

Katarina Witt, Chair of Munich 2018 said, “in many ways Germany is already a world leader in environmental management across a range of fields. A Winter Games in Munich would offer the IOC proven expertise and commitment: Munich 2018 can be a platform for setting new standards in green mega-event staging across the Olympic Movement. We truly believe in environmental protection as a social ethic – that’s why we’re committed to staging the first event carbon-neutral Olympic and Parlaympic Winter Games and extending Munich’s remarkable sustainability story”.

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