Bavarian City Council Backs Munich 2018

Munich 2018 received an “unequivocal” vote of confidence from the Bavarian City Council, when Gerold Noerenberg, Chairman of the Sports Commission and Mayor of Neu-Ulm said Friday on behalf of the council “the whole country would benefit from the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games”.

The council promotes the interests of 271 cities and communities across Bavaria. According to a press release, Munich 2018 can now call upon the support of cities and towns across the region.

Katerina Witt, Chair of Munich 2018 said, “the strong support we are receiving from the Bavarian City Council showcases the broad spectrum of enthusiastic support from every sphere of German society for Munich’s bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2018. We have an exciting month ahead with our first international presentations to the Olympic family at the Association of National Olympic Committees General Assembly fast approaching, and this news will give our preparations a great boost. An Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Bavaria would reach out far beyond Bavaria’s own borders and unite the whole of the nation in welcoming the Olympic family to a unique celebration of winter sports in 2018”.